Pills of weigh in motion fundamentals of weigh in motion

What are weigh in motion systems? What are they used for? Weighing in motion technology, is still little known in Italy, so let’s take a step back: both for those who know how it works and for those who have only heard of it, in our article you will find some notions about Weigh in Motion systems (dynamic weighing systems) for a review or a nice smattering!

First of all, what are WIM systems?

They are designed to detect and record the weight of the axles and the gross weight of the vehicle as it passes over a sensor.

Unlike static weighing systems, Weigh in motion systems collect data while the truck is in transit without having to stop it.

But what are its structural characteristics? In short terms, we can identify systems made up of very durable steel plates installed at the level of the road surface (in the case of our system) or the so-called “strips” strips that are incorporated in the asphalt; in both cases these are equipped with sensors, optical or piezoelectric, capable of detecting the weight of the vehicle in transit. These are then connected to a data acquisition and processing unit. Depending on the technology and application, it is also possible to connect various additional sensors such as cameras for license plate detection.

The possible uses of weigh in motions systems are different and there are many benefits that we can derive from them:

ROAD SAFETY: Installing WIM systems allows to verify and therefore counter the overload, preserves the condition of the road by reducing the dangers due to the road failure generated by excessive loads.

PROTECTION OF BRIDGES AND VIADUCTS / MONITORING: By integrating the weigh in motion technology with bridge and viaduct monitoring sensors, it is possible to correlate structural deformations to the weight that weighs on the infrastructure. Management and planning of the interventions to be implemented are facilitated and repaving costs are also reduced, thus preserving infrastructure investments.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: The weigh in motion systems are also important allies for the Police Forces, in fact they are able to check in real time the weight of all vehicles in circulation, thus instantly providing agents with the information necessary to intervene.

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