Weigh in motion system: BISON by iWiM

Strengthening Road
Safety and Infrastructure Integrity: Advanced Weigh-In-Motion Systems for Continuous Monitoring of Roads, Bridges, and Viaducts

Welcome to the BISON weigh-in-motion website, where you can explore our cutting-edge WIM system, trusted by prominent national and international companies.

Our commitment is to provide you with a unique, accurate, and constantly evolving product customized according to your needs. BISON wim solutions are specifically adapted for the control of heavy transports on all roads, preventing bridge and viaduct overloads, and monitoring heavy trucks at worksites, making them an ideal substitute for static scales.

BISON advanced weigh-in-motion technology based on fiber optic, allows for the precise measurement of weight in transit, ensuring compliance with weight regulations and enhancing road safety

 By detecting overloaded vehicles in real-time, our system offers concrete help in preventing accidents and infrastructure damage. Whether it’s monitoring weight on highways, bridges, or worksites, our weigh-in-motion systems provide reliable and accurate data.

On this site, you can discover how our weigh-in-motion system works and explore its various applications. Learn more about the benefits of real-time weight monitoring, traffic data collection, and the integration of our system with existing infrastructure. Stay informed about the latest advancements in weigh-in-motion technology and how it can optimize your operations. Trust in our expertise and rely on our proven solutions for effective weight control and infrastructure protection.

Weigh-in-motion BISON system benefits

riutilizzabile sistemi di pesatura dinamica IWIM


Possible to reinstall on different sites Reusable after road works

installazione sistemi di pesatura dinamica IWIM


fast and simple installation
easy to put into operation

affidabile sistemi di pesatura dinamica IWIM


durability and exceptional resistance to various environmental conditions

BISON Weigh in motion advantages

How BISON weigh-in-motion works

WEIGH IN MOTION BISON -50-10 pesatura dinamica installazione sul casello autostradale


The Weigh In Motion (WIM) system BISON is composed of 2 stainless steel bending plates, installed flush with the road surface and can be placed on urban and suburban roads, motorways / highways, bridge and toll booths.



The bending plates are equipped with fiber optic sensors and connected by fiber optic cable to the datalogger.

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The data acquisition unit (datalogger), processes, and stores all information collected in a database. All the transit information is made available to the user through a web interface easily accessible from every device.

iwim bisonte schema sistema 2021

Technical features

Data collected by BISON WIM system

BISON, in addition to the weight, is able to supply the following data without additional devices:

parametri peso

Gross vehicle weight (GVW)

parametri velocita

Transit speed

parametri tipo veicolo

Vehicle counting and classification

parametri numero assi pesatura dinamica

Number of axles

parametri peso semiasse

Single wheel weight

parametri larghezza semiasse

Axle spacing

parametri larghezza sistemi di pesatura dinamica IWIM

Axle width

parametri lunghezza pesatura dinamica

Vehicle length

parametri ruote gemellate

Twinned wheels

parametri entrata uscita sistemi di pesatura dinamica

Alert transit out of one bending plate

BISON WEIGH IN MOTION INTERFACE real time data, personalised view, compleet integration

WIM Software

The software is designed directly from iWIM, it has simple and intuitive and is able to provide, immediately and clear all the necessary information of specific interest to the user.


The system can be interfaced with other ITS systems such as ANPR cameras for license plate recognition.

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Weigh in motion system applications:

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