Model 90_10

BISON model IWIM 90_10

BISON model IWIM 90_10 dynamic weighing system (WIM – Weigh In Motion) was developed specifically for installations in itinere, both on ordinary roads and motorways or on other roads that require constant monitoring to protect bridges and viaducts and in general, road users. In fact, the IWIM 90_10 model offers larger sensor sizes suitable for the size of modern lanes; it offers also certified weight detection up to 90 km / h, although it is capable of weighing transiting vehicles up to speeds of over 130km / h. IWIM 90_10 is supplied with a prefabricated reinforced concrete structure that allows it to be quickly installed on the road surface even in the absence of a pre-existing foundation.

The BISON IWIM 90_10 system can boast the OIML R134 certification for accuracy class 10 and complies with COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) 323 guidelines according to accuracy class B + (7).

The BISON IWIM 90_10 weighing system, produced by IWIM as a notified metric manufacturer, is admitted for first verification as a measuring instrument with legal value by Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development MISE, competent for measuring instruments, N 161 of 25 May 2021.

Like all the products of the BISON family, IWIM 90_10 dynamic weighing system uses the innovative technology represented by optical fiber sensors which makes it insensitive to temperature variations and electromagnetic disturbances. BISON IWIM 90_10 involves the installation of only 2 plates per lane inside the road surface, excluding the need to install other sensors such as temperature sensors or inductive loops. The solid structure of the weighing plates of the IWIM 90_10 system, entirely made of AISI316L austenitic steel alloy, make it absolutely resistant and suitable even for the most aggressive environments, such as those characterized by a high presence of chlorides due to the use of defrosting salts. BISON IWIM 90_10 is compatible with the use and transit of snow plows.

If the IWIM 90_10 system is installed in a track with 2 lanes not separated by a traffic divider, the system will also be able to detect transits that could occur between the two lanes (the so-called “cross lane transits”), in both directions of travel.

The acquisition of 2 weighing systems also creates a third “virtual” system placed astride the two lanes which will therefore be able to detect even the possible evasive maneuvers of the system. BISON IWIM 90_10 system’s electronic eye, the king of the prairie, misses nothing! The cross lane system also boasts the OIML R134 certification and was implemented by the Ministerial Homologation Decree N 161 of 25 May 2021 thus providing legal validity to all effects also for this type of transit.

The bi-directionality in the detection of the weight of the vehicles in transit permits to use the system even in case of alternating one-way streets or carriageway exchanges.

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BISON weigh-in-motion system will give you the opportunity to know the real mass in transit on your infrastructures and road network. While there have been various measurement and speed systems for years, no one yet knows exactly and continuously the mass that transits daily on the road. BISON is able to provide a lot of data for each transit in real time, making a large amount of data available. Knowing how to interpret these big data is not easy. For this reason, BISON system offers a statistical processing service for the data collected and it makes information available on an hourly bases rearding distribution of loads, the type of vehicles transited, at which speed, etc.

Finally, IWIM, through its cloud-based technological platform, can offer a 24-hour real-time monitoring service for BISON systems, which allows its technicians to constantly monitor a large variety of data relating to the operation of the weighing system, both at low level – directly related to the peripheral hardware, and at higher level – aggregates that allow to interpret the system response and to intervene quickly by planning any maintenance interventions.

IWIM is always at the side of its customers and supports them in all phases following the supply, also accompanying them in the installation and commissioning of the system. The system is supplied with extensive documentation, including a technical installation table that allows you to quickly create an executive project, reporting the indications relating to the installation phases of a complete system and indicating the quantities and characteristics of the workforce, materials and equipment necessary for the different installation phases. The installation process includes a phase with construction work such as cutting, excavating the pavement and the consequent positioning of the weighing plates, and another phase dedicated to the realization of the technological fiber optic connections and the installation of the data logger and the LPR camera.

Once the installation is complete, IWIM, as a metric manufacturer, also supports the customer in the verification of conformity (first verification) of the metric instrument by giving legal value to the measurements taken with consequent commissioning of the same.