Model 50_10

BISON model IWIM 50_10

BISON weigh-in-motion system model IWIM 50_10 was developed specifically for installations at gates or motorway toll booths. In fact, this type of installation requires small dimensions of the sensors and the transit usually takes place at limited speeds, generally below 50 km/h. Usually, the foundation typology consists in reinforced concrete slab. IWIM 50_10 system can boast the OIML R134 certification and complies with COST 323 (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) guideline according to accuracy class B + (7).

BISON weigh-in-motion system model IWIM 50_10 in 2017 has been the first dynamic weighing system in Italy to be admitted to the first verification as a measuring instrument with legal value, by the Decree of the Ministry of Economic Development MISE. Today, IWIM company, qualified as a metric manufacturer, produces IWIM 50_10 system in metrological compliance with the Ministerial Decree N. 161 of 25th May 2021.

The above characteristics make IWIM 50_10 weigh-in-motion system ideal for intercepting and possibly sanctioning (according to the appropriate procedures) overloaded vehicles before they access the motorway network, thus protecting critical and strategic infrastructures, such as bridges and viaducts, reducing the wear of the road surface as well. The IWIM 50_10 system can detect the transits in both directions of travel. This characteristic makes it suitable for installation also at bidirectional access gates.

Thanks to the possibility of integrating the weight measurements with license plate reading cameras and with the LIDAR system, it is also possible to identify not only overloaded vehicles, but also vehicles with a shape that does not comply with the provisions of the Highway Code: all this conditions represents serious danger both for infrastructures and for the safety of other users.

Like all the products of the BISON family, IWIM 50_10 weigh-in-motion system uses the innovative technology of optical fiber sensors which make it insensitive to temperature variations and electromagnetic disturbances. BISON IWIM 50_10 involves the installation of only 2 plates inside the road surface, excluding the need to install other sensors such as temperature sensors or inductive loops. The solid structure of the weighing plates of IWIM 50_10 system, entirely made of AISI316L austenitic steel alloy, make it absolutely resistant and suitable even for the most aggressive environments, such as those characterized by a high presence of chlorides due to the use of defrosting salts. BISON IWIM 50_10 is compatible with the use and transit of snow plows.