Uses and advantage

Bridge and Overpass Protection

The weigh in motion system BISON protects bridges, overpasses and roads, as it provides information on the traffic-induced load. The data is useful for the management and planning of interventions on the road network; it also reduces repaving costs and preserves infrastructure investments.

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Road Safety

BISON allows effective policies to reduce vehicular overweight on the roads. Checking and counteracting the overload reduces the stress of heavy vehicles on critical sections; it also preserves the road pavement by reducing excessive loads decreasing the danger for other users due to poor road conditions and potholes.

Monitoring and Statistics

The BISON weigh in motion system is able to monitor traffic, generating statistics with aggregated data. It detects the weight of all transits, classifies them based on the number of axes and checks the weight based on vehicle class; it also measures speed. Easy to integrate with other monitoring systems and sensors

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Overload Enforcement

The Weigh In Motion (WIM) system BISONS checks in real time the weight of all the circulating vehicles and instantly provides the information necessary for possible action.
It allows to intercept the overload vehicles and allows immediate sanctioning.

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