Case of Use

Road Owners And Operators

The Weigh In Motion (WIM) system BISON is an ITS measuring instrument (ITS – 
Intelligent transportation system) capable of weighing moving vehicles,
i.e. providing the weight of vehicles in transit in real-time without having to stop them.
In addition to the gross vehicle weight (GVW), the BISON system provides other information such as:
Monitoraggio ponti infrastrutture gestori

The data provided by our WIM system can be used in the management and planning of measures to beimplemented on the road network.

The information of the load induced by traffic is a factor of primary importance, both in dimensioning the sections of pavement and in determining the type of maintenance intervention to be implemented.

Furthermore, with the data provided by the BISON system and by other monitoring sensors, it is possible to establish the relationship between road degradation and transit loads.

Still on the monitoring front, the BISON dynamic weighing system can be integrated with sensors for monitoring bridges and overpasses.
Thanks to the data provided by the weighing in motion it will be possible to correlate the structural deformations, detected by the monitoring sensors, with the load on the bridge at a given moment. Consequently BISON appears to be a useful tool for the management of heavy traffic, since it is able to monitor in real time the impact of heavy traffic on bridges, viaducts and other strategic infrastructures of the road network.

Through an accurate classification of the vehicles based on weight, BISON also allows a more equitable management of the tolls and in advance on the prescriptions of the European legislation that will come into force in 2021 (Direttiva 2011/76/UE).

Public Administration

The BISON weigh in motion system is a measuring instrument (ITS – Intelligent transportation system) able to instantly return the weight of vehicles passing on roads and bridges at different speeds.

monitoraggio peso veicoli

Thanks to the weight detection, BISON is an excellent tool to complete the dynamic monitoring of infrastructures. In fact, by integrating the dynamic scale with the monitoring sensors of bridges and overpasses it is possible to correlate the structural deformations to the load weighing on the infrastructure.
Consequently, BISON turns out to be a useful tool for the management of heavy traffic, since as previously said it is able to control in real-time the impact of heavy traffic on bridges, viaducts and other strategic infrastructures of the road network.

Another use of the moving weighing system is related to the safety of road infrastructures, the system, together with appropriate road signs and variable message panels, can give an indication, to vehicles that exceed the weight limits set by bridges and roads, mandatory diversions. Also linked to road safety, BISON can be used to carry out checks on exceptional transports or on eventual overloads with respect to the weight limit set for critical sections, such as bridges and roads subjected to weight or overloads compared to the limits established by law.

Law Enforcement

The Weigh In Motion system called BISON model IWIM50_10 is approved by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico) as an automatic functioning weighing instrument i.e. a scale intended for the weighing of moving road vehicles.
pesatura camioin forze polizia

”The BISON system makes it possible to measure the weight of vehicles, and others information (Speed, number of axles, width, lenght, double tires, etc) with the utmost accuracy, without the need to stop them, thus providing important support to the Law enforcement in the control of heavy vehicles, including exceptional transports. With BISON is possible to sanction immediately vehicles that exceed their weight limit or exceed the load limit of bridges and roads.”.

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BISON, by means of instantaneous detection of the weight of the moving vehicles, allows information on goods in transit in a hub, integrating perfectly into electronic passages with RFID management, avoiding queues of trucks in the terminals.
It can also be integrated with a ANPR camera, allowing plate tracking and cross-referencing information with the data provided by various management matching the measurement to a plate number. The system allows aggregate statistical data to be obtained by creating a historical archive which can also be consulted remotely.