BISON model SAFE ROAD (WIM – Weigh In Motion) is ideal for installation on ordinary roads, on bridges or viaducts or in the immediate proximity, in order to protect these important works of art, and in all those situations that require constant real-time monitoring of loads in transit. BISON SAFE ROAD complies with the COST (European COoperation in Science and Technology) 323 guidelines according to the accuracy class B + (7) for transits up to 130 km / h and allows easy installation both in the presence of single lane and double lane. In the case of a double lane track, BISON SAFE ROAD system will be able to monitor both lanes.

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Like all the products of the BISON family, IWIM SAFE ROAD weigh-in-motion system uses the innovative technology of optical fiber sensors which makes it insensitive to temperature variations and electromagnetic disturbances. BISON SAFE ROAD involves the installation of only 2 plates per lane inside the road surface, excluding the need to install other sensors such as temperature sensors or inductive loops. The solid structure of the weighing plates of BISON SAFE ROAD system, entirely made of AISI316L austenitic steel alloy, makes it absolutely resistant and suitable even for the most aggressive environments, such as those characterized by a high presence of chlorides due to the use of defrosting salts. BISON SAFE ROAD is compatible with the use and transit of snow plows.

BISON SAFE ROAD weigh-in-motion system is ideal for detecting overloaded vehicles, thus protecting critical and strategic infrastructures (works of art) such as bridges and viaducts as well as reducing wear on the road pavement along the entire infrastructure. BISON SAFE ROAD system offers the possibility of detecting transits in both directions of travel.

Thanks to the possibility of integrating the weight measurements with license plate reading cameras and with the LIDAR system, in addition to overloaded vehicles, it is also possible also to identify vehicles with a shape that does not comply with the provisions of the Highway Code, both parameters that represent serious danger for infrastructures and for the safety of other users.

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The upper surface of BISON SAFE ROAD’s bending plates can be covered with a layer of ceramic-coated quartz which increases the hardness and resistance against the wear. This type of treatment also makes the weighing sensors chromatically more similar and integrated into the road pavement, while ensuring excellent levels of adherence for the tires of the transiting vehicles.

The surface treatment has successfully passed the skidding / derailment resistance tests as certified with the pendulum test according to UNI130036-4: 2011, carried out by an independent certified laboratory.

6 months after installation, the slabs had PTV (Pendulum Test Value) values ​​perfectly in line with those of the surrounding asphalt pavement, both in dry and wet conditions.