IWIM in ITS POLSKA conference “ITS Systems in Road Safety” Warsaw, June 13, 2024.

IWIM was invited to participate and present the BISON dynamic weighing technology at the conference organized by ITS Polska in Warsaw, on June 13th. The purpose of this event was to discuss various issues related to vehicle weighing in motion in Poland, including legal and organizational matters concerning the enforcement of administrative sanctions, HS-WIM systems for administrative control of axle loads and total vehicle weight, and the impact of environmental conditions on weighing accuracy. The conference gathered 100 attendees from governmental institutions, local authorities throughout Poland, as well as representatives from the business sector, organizations, universities, and research institutes.

IWIM Intervention with Bison technology

During Engineer Guido Farinacci’s presentation, crucial topics were discussed regarding the revolution introduced by the BISON system in the context of dynamic weighing technologies. Developed by iWiM, the BISON system represents a significant advancement in vehicle weighing technology. Unlike traditional WIM systems, which often use multiple sensors and are affected by environmental conditions, the BISON system employs a combination of piezoelectric plates and optical fiber sensors. These plates, made of 316L stainless steel, are highly resistant to corrosion and environmental damage, ensuring an estimated lifespan of 30 years.

The robust construction, paired with passive optical fiber sensors, ensures that the BISON system maintains high precision regardless of temperature fluctuations or electromagnetic interference, requiring calibration only every 2-4 years.

Among the distinctive features of the BISON system is its simple and efficient installation process. The system is designed for quick configuration with pre-cast plates in reinforced concrete prefabs. Only one cut is necessary for installation, using a special fiber-reinforced mortar that sets rapidly, allowing installation year-round, even at low temperatures. This ease of installation is complemented by the system’s resilience, as the plates are sealed to prevent water ingress and can be easily lifted for maintenance without further road cutting, ensuring minimal disruption during roadworks or asphalt restoration.

Moreover, the BISON system simplifies data collection by eliminating the need for multiple sensors. Its optical fiber sensors can detect various parameters, including vehicle speed, geometry, and dual wheels, making it a comprehensive solution for traffic monitoring. With over 100 installations across Italy, Europe, and worldwide, and several certifications including OIML R134, the iWiM BISON system proves to be a cutting-edge technology in the field of WIM systems, offering a durable, precise, and easily maintainable solution for modern traffic management needs.

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