Simplifying the Installation of Dynamic Weighing Systems with BISON WIM

Dynamic weighing technologies, known as Weigh in Motion (WIM), are revolutionizing the road safety market by allowing operators to optimize traffic and enhance road safety. However, when choosing the most suitable system, it is crucial to understand not only the benefits offered but also the implementation process and potential limitations. In this article, we will explore the common challenges associated with the installation of WIM systems based on piezoelectric and quartz technologies, and present an innovative alternative that drastically simplifies the entire process.

Challenges in Installing Piezoelectric and Quartz-Based WIM Systems

Piezoelectric and quartz-based WIM systems are widely used but present significant challenges during installation and operation. These technologies, being sensitive to temperature, require specific environmental conditions to ensure optimal functioning. For instance, they cannot be installed in low-temperature conditions, such as those encountered during the autumn and winter months, and need a temperature of at least 10 degrees Celsius during installation to operate correctly.

Moreover, piezoelectric bars and quartz sensors are delicate and require a perfect road surface to ensure the accuracy of the collected data. This often means that the road must be meticulously prepared before installation, with significant stretches needing to be redone to ensure the surface is suitable for the system’s operation. This can result in additional costs and delays in implementation.

Introducing BISON WIM Technology

An innovative alternative that significantly simplifies the installation and operation of WIM systems is represented by BISON WIM technology, based on fiber optic sensors. Unlike traditional piezoelectric and quartz-based systems, BISON WIM completely eliminates the need for electrical components on the road, relying solely on optical sensors.

Advantages of BISON WIM Technology

A major advantage of the BISON WIM system is its flexibility and ease of installation. Since it does not require electrical connections and is not affected by temperature or humidity variations, it can be installed in any season and under any weather conditions. Thanks to its autonomy in detecting vehicle data, BISON WIM does not require the installation of inductive loops, greatly simplifying the BISON infrastructure layout. It also does not need direct electrical connections to the road, thus eliminating the need to dig dozens of trenches to lay electrical cables. A single conduit for the fiber optic cable connecting the plates to the data logger is sufficient. This means that road operators can avoid using complex and costly machinery for installation, significantly reducing the overall project costs. Additionally, the lack of excavation work reduces the risk of damaging existing underground infrastructures, such as gas or water lines, contributing to ensuring safety during the installation process.

Another significant advantage is the system’s robustness and its ability to adapt to any type of road surface without the need for special preparations. This means that BISON can be installed without the need to redo significant stretches of road, reducing installation costs and time.

As a bonus, the road operator can choose to resurface the road whenever desired, keeping BISON operational even during the work. Thanks to the system’s robustness and fiber connections, BISON is fully reusable after resurfacing work.


In conclusion, while traditional dynamic weighing systems based on piezoelectric and quartz present significant challenges during installation and operation, the BISON WIM technology represents an innovative alternative that drastically simplifies the process. With its ease of installation, operational autonomy, and robustness, BISON offers road operators an effective solution to optimize traffic and enhance road safety.

For more information on the installation and features of the BISON system, it is recommended to consult our specialized technicians directly.