BISON Weigh In Motion on INTERTRAFFIC 2024

Intertraffic 2024, the biennial event showcasing the latest advancements in road equipment, witnessed the dynamic presence of BISON once again. Renowned as one of the pivotal gatherings for companies and government entities involved in the road equipment sector, Intertraffic serves as a catalyst for demonstrating innovations, sharing experiences, and fostering new partnerships.

This year, BISON seized the opportunity to unveil its latest developments in weigh-in-motion (iWIM) technology, underscoring its commitment to pushing the boundaries of industry standards. With a stand that was more expansive than ever, BISON showcased a plethora of innovative solutions while reaffirming the effectiveness of its existing technologies.

The event served as a platform for BISON to engage with a diverse audience, comprised of representatives from over 80 companies spanning across more than 40 nations worldwide. Visitors to the BISON stand were treated to insightful presentations, interactive demonstrations, and the opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions designed to address the evolving needs of the road equipment sector.

As a testament to the company’s dedication to excellence, BISON extends its gratitude to all those who visited its stand and expressed interest in its offerings. The overwhelming participation and positive reception underscore the significance of platforms like Intertraffic in driving innovation, fostering collaboration, and shaping the future of the road equipment industry.