Bridge safety guidelines approved wim system: great allies

Guidelines for risk classification and management, safety assessment and monitoring of existing bridges by the Superior Council of Public Works have been approved.

As stated in the official MIT news “the guidelines will be the subject of an experimental application in relation to the monitoring system, including dynamic monitoring of bridges and viaducts. At the end of this experimentation, which will take place under the guidance of the Superior Council itself, the guidelines guide will provide an advanced, univocal and uniform tool for all managers on the national territory which, by overcoming the concept of the simple census of existing bridges, through a general, multilevel, multi-criteria and multi-objective approach, will allow the determination of an “attention class” for risk management and infrastructure security verification. “

Finally, the WIM (weigh in motion) systems are included as a useful and possible support for bridge monitoring, reducing costs. Important data on the characteristics are also provided In fact, on page 76 of the document we read “In the design of the monitoring systems it is advisable to pay great attention to the durability, robustness and maintainability of the sensors, […] generally advising to “prefer fiber optic technologies“, just like our BISON weigh in motion system that use fiber optic sensors therefore insensitive to electromagnetic disturbances!

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