Storm Vaia – BISON: Monitoring the recovery of timber

Provincial Government of autonomous province of Trento, in agreement with the Regional Government of Veneto has chosen our BISON weigh in motion system to monitor all the incoming and outgoing trucks that in the next three years will recover the crashed timber caused by the Storm Vaia  in October 2018.

In Tombal in the Municipality of Enego we have created a passage that monitors all transits, weighs vehicles, thus being able to detect the weight of the timber transported, recognizes the plates and generates high definition images. The system allows significant time savings in carrying out checks on the weight of the vehicles. A virtuous collaboration has been established in the area concerned the municipalities of Grigno and Enego.

Thanks to this innovative monitoring system, transits will be monitored round the clock in the next three years; In fact, it is estimated that over 60,000 trucks will transit during this period. It is a great satisfaction for us that a system created to control the overload of heavy vehicles has been used to help speed up the process of environmental restoration

Sistema pesatura bisonte Trento