BISON WIM system is approved for direct enforcement in Albania

In 2018 iWIM had installed 2 BISON IWIM_50_10 dynamic weighing systems at the Kukës motorway barrier in northern Albania for the operator Albanian Highway Concession (AHC) with full customer satisfaction in these four years.

The 2 BISONTE dynamic weighing systems are installed at a strategic passage point, located on the principal highway for the transport of goods from the sea (port of Durres) to northern Albania and neighboring Kosovo. The BISON WIM systems control the 2 gates used for the transit of heavy vehicles in the two directions, north and south, thus detecting the entire mass of commercial transport. In February 2023, the Albanian General Directorate of Metrology had performed the first annual verification according to the recently established local legislation and had officially recognized the usage of BISON dynamic weighing systems for enforcement purposes, validating their 10% accuracy class.

Based on this successfully passed state control, the AHC concessionaire sends the data of the vehicles detected as overloaded by the BISON WIM systems to the local police station which then autonomously provides to sanction the vehicle.

Thanks to the innovative fiber optic technology used for BISON WIM systems it demonstrates a durability and stability of functioning, confirming our strong positions both in Italy and abroad and important contribution in the protection of infrastructures and people who travel on the roads.