Customer satisfaction is at the heart of iWIM’s commitment

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of iWIM’s commitment

Our team

At iWIM, every day we are committed to producing and installing our BISON weigh-in-motion systems, offering a qualified service always at the side of our customers. We guarantee maximum efficiency and safety for our products. We are convinced that our expertise, products and services represent a strategic asset for improving road safety, protecting works of art and reducing inefficiencies.

Our BISON weigh-in-motion system stands out for the competitive advantage that it offers to those who have chosen it, thanks to its innovative technology based on fiber optics, allowing efficiency in the management of roads, highways, bridges and viaducts. The passion we put into our work is the engine that allows us to carry out our business with the utmost professionalism and with a smile on our faces. We aim at constant GROWTH: iWIM is an Italian technological manufacturer that adapts dynamically and quickly to the needs of the market, changing its organization and internal planning and production. We innovate products according to the needs of the customer or the changing in the regulation environment, developing customizations in the interface and software capabilities in order to keep up with the times. In other words, we are committed to providing concrete responses to customer demands and market changes.

The Weigh In Motion (WIM) system: our product

BISON weigh-in-motion system stands out for the level of INNOVATION represented by the use in our systems of innovative fiber optic technology sensors, as expressly indicated and suggested by the guidelines of the Superior Council of Public Works on infrastructure monitoring systems. The use of such innovative sensors in our production has allowed us to consolidate, to strengthen and to fastly distinguish ourselves in the wim market.

RELIABILITY is the second quality that distinguishes BISON system: as producers, this characteristic is the foundation of every phase in our production process. iWIM is notified as a metric manufacturer and it produces its own weigh-in-motion systems in all their phases, from construction stage to assembly in its laboratories. iWIM also implements the entire software and control management of the weighing systems. All this process meets the standards required by the quality assurance system according to ISO 90001:2015, a system specifically developed for the design, assembly and management of automatic weighing instruments. Reliability is not limited to the quality of the product, but it extends into supporting the customer in the phase of road installation too. The iWIM team will be at his side both during the installation and set-up of the system, as in the after-sales monitoring, and during the entire period of use of the system. Our customer will have nothing to worry about!

Our business model

At iWIM, we believe in the value of constant contact with our customers. The companies that are accompanied in the installation of our weigh-in-motion systems are, in fact, considered as our partners, and they become our travel companions in the exciting experience of weighing in motion with our BISON system. Our customers go from Public Authorities, road and motorway Managers, general contractors, system integrators: these realities become promoters themselves, on the basis of their satisfaction and the proven usefulness of the weigh-in-motion system.“Weigh” ergo sum: a value that is essential for us is RESPONSIBILITY. We feel a moral obligation to ensure safety on the roads and to eliminate or prevent any danger due to undeclared overloads. These ones, if not monitored, can be a trigger of road accidents, as they greatly increase the braking distances, as well as deteriorating the infrastructure on which they transit.